About Us

The S.O.S. Foundation has been organized with a simple concept and difficult mission: Save A Life!!!

Our team recognizes that there are amazing people in the world who have been held back by external and internal pressures, family and friends, & misguided or bad decisions all of whom are waiting on someone to enter his/her life and reinforce potential. The S.O.S. Foundation was created to advocate for and help at-risk youth and young adults who are dealing with mental adversities that stem from bullying and cyber-bullying; peer pressure to engage in premature sex, drug use, and alcohol use; or a dangerous home-life that may lead to depression, self-harm, suicide, or homicide.

The Foundation utilizes numerous fundraising efforts in order to fund our Save A Life Fund. The Foundation has created a National Concert Tour that utilizes emerging artists who have overcome a version of the hardships of our target youths and can communicate the message of perseverance and serve as a beacon of hope for such youths. In order to maximize our efforts, our team works with international superstars who support our mission and offer their appeal to our concerts.

We work with local communities and commit our foundation’s success back to each community in order that services are available to individuals on the local level, but our impact is derived from our peer to peer approach. While the S.O.S. Foundation’s crown jewel is our S.O.S. Tour (#StandupOwnupSpeakup), our foundation works a number of small concerts, auctions, and other fundraisers in order that our Save A Life Fund can provide at-risk youths, otherwise unable to pay for mental health services, up to $5000.00 in counseling or other assistance, that he/she may work through obstacles, find his/her potential and most importantly: SAVE A LIFE!!!

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Mission Statement

The S.O.S. Foundation’s Mission is to reach at-risk youth throughout the world and communicate a message of hope and inclusion for all while combating the current epidemic of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying & cyber-bullying, homicide and suicide. The Foundation hopes to reach specific individuals in need of mental health counseling and provide assistance with the goal: Save A Life.